Technology Can’t Fix Education

Improving Tech Education Doesn’t Start with Tech

Technology might not, this time, be the main source of disruption. This is because education, which is arguably one of our society’s most important industries, might be different: It’s about working with people.

The implicit shock in the first sentence of this quote is astounding, as if it’s saying “wait, technology can’t solve everything?” As a husband to an educator — a real one, who went to get her degree in education, then onto her Master’s, and so on — it’s always surprised me how tech people and, well, everybody really, assumes they can do better than a person who’s been trained to teach.

But this doesn’t just apply to education, does it? There are a lot of fields out there that deal with “working with people,” yet we presume technology can disrupt them, or that a technologist untrained in the field can somehow bring better ideas to the table. Look no further than the bevy of useless STEM and STEAM toys, kits, and curricula which purport to educate when in fact they do nothing of the sort.

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