Round Up of Thotcon 0xA Badge Hacks

I’m planning on doing a longer write-up of the Thotcon 0xA badge that Rudy (Ristich) and I developed this year, but in the meantime, here’s a brief list of code that we, and other folks, put together to enable you to hack the badge:

  • Great for getting started. Our Thotcon 0xA workshop/demo code that walks you through using the LEDs, capacitive touch, WiFi, microphone, and speakers can be found here.
  • For those looking to get musical, @palleiko on Twitter put together an awesome cover of Africa by Toto using the badges. GitHub code.
  • On Twitter, @lokkju posted his methods for hijacking badges. We totally anticipated that something like this was going to happen! Super excited to see folks picked up on it. GitHub.

If you’ve got any other hacks or are still adding to the toy, please reach out to me on Twitter and I’ll add your work to this list!

Jay Margalus is on Twitter at @jaymargalus

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