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Beer Advocate Analysis

I reviewed beer data and wrote a 16 page analysis on it for people who like beer. No surprise! The way a beer looks and smells influences taste. Other findings, etc, within: beer-advocate-margalus

To fail “better” requires patience, with yourself and with the world that insists on telling you success is around the corner. Firestein says that failure can be an end in itself, in that it forces us to live with the unknown—the place where true creativity often resides.

“There’s that wonderful phrase coined by Keats: ‘negative capability,” Firestein says. “He defines it as a state of mystery and uncertainty, with no ‘irritable reaching’ [for a goal] involved. When you are uncertain, when you have mystery on your hands, when you can’t get to the bottom of it, that’s when the most interesting thinking happens.”

Why. Why? That is a very American question. I did something magnificent and mysterious and I got a practical “why?” And the beauty of it is: I didn’t have any why.

– Man on Wire

Slides from the AIGA Design Educator’s Conference talk that I did with LeAnne Wagner are now up at my portfolio website!

Makey Makey Soundboards

Some soundboards for the workshop that LeAnne Wagner and I are doing for the AIGA Design Educators Conference:

Or! Build your own soundboard:

And find your sounds here:

Three things I’ve learned from running a Maker Faire for three years. Here.

Midwest Maker Fest Booth Pictures

I showed at Midwest Maker Fest 2016 in Peoria over the weekend. Here are some of the pictures from it!

Promoting Southland Mini Maker Faire at our Village Board Meeting

I launched my first balloon into near space