Kind Words

Some kind words we’ve received from the PPE project over the past few days. Thank you to all the healthcare workers and first responders doing the real work. If you need help, or if you can help, visit


God bless and thank you for the shields you sent out. With people like you, humanity still exists.


I got them, thanks! thank you so much for you compassion ang good samaritan behavior guys! may the almighty bless you always!


I just wanted to sincerely say thank you to you, Sarah, and your whole team for what you are doing. Stroger will get the first 90 we get from you to cover Dr Aks and the folks they’ve talked to in the Anesthesia department over there. We already have homes for the first 400 from [redacted organization name].

Afterwards, we will start sharing yours more broadly with our network and as we get photos from them, we will share. There is so much gratitude from the healthcare worker community and I wish I could capture their faces for you or the sound of relief in their voices when we tell them we are coming. I hope you all are able to get rest sometimes too, this will be a marathon for us all. Thank you again.


Thank you so much for the production and donation of face shields to the Rolling Meadows Fire Department. The shields are now on each of our rigs and provide a layer of protection that our members previously did not have.On behalf of the men and women of RMFD, a sincere thank you for all that you are doing for first responders.

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