Interesting Article on Mobile Makerspaces

The mobile makerspace idea has fascinated me for a while now and, in fact, I’ve been working on a proposal for such a program in Chicago. Campus Technology recently wrote a piece about the Nebraska Library Commission receiving a ~$500k grant to bring these kinds of labs to rural areas. I really like this idea, as it spreads the makerspace concept to otherwise unreachable areas: technology deserts. From the piece:

JoAnn McManus, who is the project manager for the program, noted that typically only larger libraries can afford to set up makerspaces. The Library Commission wanted to provide that opportunity for smaller, rural communities. “We are showing small rural communities in Nebraska what a makerspace look like and how the community will react to it,” she explained. “They’re finding it’s much easier to fundraise around bringing in a makerspace in their community when they’ve already developed interest in it.”

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