Illinois PPE Update 5/8

Sent out to node leaders this week:


We are moving into the next phase at Illinois PPE which is less urgent, but still important. In other words, people should take a breather.Here’s what some of us are already doing in our nodes:

  1. Fabricating jigs to help people who sew and make masks. I’ve been reaching out to local sewing organizations and letting them know that my node has jigs that they can pick up for free. Some of us have even purchased fabric, etc, to keep the sewers going. For instance, check out these two resources we put together that show what you can make to help sewers(sewists?):
  1. Fabricating this GE face mask frame:

TL;DR: there are still things that people with 3D printers can do, but we can (and should) take it a little bit easier, and do some high leverage things with our printers now like make tools to help other people make things.

This is a marathon.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for all your help and hard work.

Jay Margalus is on Twitter at @jaymargalus

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