Illinois PPE Network BIG Update

We bought $65,000 of PET-G for the Solin Flat Pack face shield model today — this will be stamped out using the die pictured, made by Triangle Die and Supplies. Also, I got a pallet of 3D printers and filament donated by Newark delivered to my driveway. We bought 30 sewing machines and accompanying tools, and thousands of dollars of fabric and elastic. Finally, I can now officially announce that the Illinois PPE Network is partnered with Dremel, which has dedicated almost 150 3D printers and 13 laser cutters to create thousands of shields, and have been on the case for the past handful of weeks that we’ve been operating.

We’ve made over 30,000 shields (very conservative estimate). We’re making another ~70,000. We’re shifting onto face masks. All because of the donations from kind people around the state of Illinois — people just like you and me — to And all so we can keep the people healthy who’re doing the harder work out there.

That’s my update for the week.

Jay Margalus is on Twitter at @jaymargalus

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