Hiring Process

The rapid expansion of our innovation space offerings at DePaul has led to many scaling issues, and one of them is hiring. A few months ago I hired ten new employees (to a total of 16 reports). This was a massive undertaking, and as I filtered through applications and ultimately interviewed dozens of candidates, the inadequacy of my hiring processes became apparent. I knew what kind of employees our spaces needed, and had a decent set of questions, but it didn’t feel like there were any verifiable metrics for me to judge candidates on.

Now, as we look to potentially further expand at DePaul, I’m again faced with this problem. Only this time I have a potential solution thanks to this HBR podcast, which is the real reason I’m writing this. Anyone who’s hiring folks should check this episode out. It goes into some depth on developing metrics and standards for hiring that aim to give employers reproducible results. Check it out.

Jay Margalus is on Twitter at @jaymargalus

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