HAM Radio at DePaul

A while back I wrote about my love for HAM Radio. In particular, it’s not just that becoming an amateur radio operator is something that’s a useful skill now, but that the HAM community, and the technology that this group has been tinkering with for nearly a century, is the antecedent to many things we do today. It predates, but also foretells, maker culture. It is what got many of the first outer space explorers, cell phone inventors, and many others interested when they were kids.

It is important for us to know where we come from, and part of that is understanding the communities that these technologies group up in. HAM radio is one of those things, and I’m proud to say we’re now offering a five week course (if you include the extra week for the test) run by Mel Marcus, NE9A and Brian Davis, W9HLQ of the Hamfesters Radio Club, Crestwood, IL.

Check it out.

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