Further Reading on Problem Finding

I think the thing I’m most interested in expanding on from this recent piece I wrote for Make is the idea of problem finding through Making. Particularly, there are some ideas from a few books I’ve recently read that I’d highly recommend for anyone interested in the creative process, flow, and design thinking. They include:

  • Creative Intelligence by Bruce Nussbaum – Discusses the many failures of design thinking, how it hasn’t delivered on helping us find worthwhile problems to solve, and in general takes a tone that I agree with on where designers should be headed.
  • The Storm of Creativity by Kyna Leski – Discusses following your intuition to inform creative process, and how that crystalizes (potentially) into a new creative act or artifact.
  • Making: Anthropology, Archaeology, Art and Architecture by Tim Ingold – Discusses the impetus behind making in a longitudinal manner. Artifacts do not emerge as thoughts that we then impose on material, but rather must be considered wholly a piece of the conversation that is a confluence of forces and materials, organisms and artifacts.

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