Friday Reads

Smart-adjacent – Seth Godin

“Instead of the quack doctor who goes on TV in a craven attempt to be famous at any cost, they’re willing to be the patient, thoughtful doctor who reads the research and shares useful information, even if the ratings aren’t as high. This is the long-term influencer who earns the trust of a small circle of people. Mostly, it’s people who care enough to model the behavior they’d like to see from those around them.”

Forest Accumulator – Geoff Manaugh

“And it’s not even a modern idea, as the New York Times points out. For all its apparent, 21st-century sci-fi, the idea of harvesting metal from plants is at least half a millennium old…”

Here’s How Time Works Now – Eli Grober

“Now, I bet you’re wondering what a year is. Well, I hate to say it, but we’re all wondering what a year is. The guy who was in charge of re-adjusting a year just quit, and he won’t talk to any of us, so your guess is as good as mine. But I think it’s gonna be a pretty long time.”

University Leaders Are Failing – Francois Furstenberg

“We now learn that the university was operating on the thinnest of margins, its finances exquisitely vulnerable to disruptions at the hospital.”

Machine Sewing Basics – Pam Daniels

Great video by Illinois PPE organizer pam Daniels on how to get started on your sewing machines. We’re making masks over at Illinois PPE, so this is particularly relevant.

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