Embedding Information Inside Information


Imagine a scenario, for example, in which every little bleep and bloop in a song (or TV commercial or blockbuster film or ringtone) somewhere is actually an entire other song accelerated, or even what this could do outside the field of acoustics altogether. An entire film, for example, sped up to a brief flash of light: you film the flash, slow down the resulting footage, and you’ve got 2001 playing in a public space, in full, hours compressed into a microsecond. It’s like the exact opposite of Bryan Boyer’s Very Slow Movie Player, with very fast nano-cinemas hidden in plain sight.

I find the whole idea of using audio and video in weird ways to transmit information fascinating. Another example that comes to mind is LiFi, which, similar to the examples in the blog post above, can be used for all sorts of nefarious things including data exfiltration.

We’re just beginning to explore the ways that information can be embedded in a seemingly different kind of information, and I imagine with the rise of other forms of Natural User Interfaces, this is an area that’s going to see high growth.

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