Dremel Partnership at DePaul

Thanks to Bosch USA for partnering up with us, and to Robert Wildeman for working with me to forge this relationship between Bosch and DePaul University. To date, and with Bosch’s help, the Illinois PPE Network (originally started at DePaul) has produced over 100,000 face shields and counting, and now we’re making masks! This is all to keep the people doing the harder work healthy and safe.

“Bosch Power Tools North America (PTNA) has volunteered to produce protective face shields with 3D printers for healthcare workers to reduce the number of new coronavirus infections. With support from a cross-functional team, 150 Dremel DigiLab 3D printers, three Dremel laser cutters, and a CNC machine were accumulated into the merchandising room and model shop. Headed-up by Dremel VP of Engineering, Mike Beruscha, and partnered with DePaul University in Chicago, the team of advanced engineers from Mount Prospect, Illinois, has reacted to the call for face shields, in short supply in hospitals. While PTNA associates are handling the manufacturing of the face shields, the DePaul staff is managing their distribution. The PTNA team now produces nearly 1,000 shields a day and has completed over 17,000 face shields that were distributed to more than 36 hospitals and long term care centers in the Chicago area.”

Jay Margalus is on Twitter at @jaymargalus

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