I’ve been reading the book Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt on the recommendation of my friend Rudy. A few things in the book have already directly translated into time savings for me, so I thought I’d recommend them here.

  1. A freedom Compass worksheet. The compass is split into four vectors where you outline what you’re passionate and proficient at, and figure out how to delegate the rest. This sits right next to me on my desk at DePaul now to remind me what the highest leverage things are for me, and what things I should let go of.
  2. A “not-to-do” list. A list like this had never occurred to me, but it’s such a simple and effective tool. List the tasks, meetings, relationships, and opportunities that always come up for you, soak up a lot of your time, and provide little to no return. This list also sits next to me at my desk, as I’m particularly prone to pursuing opportunities beyond their usefulness.

Both of these tools (along with the task filter that contributes to the compass) can be found at Hyatt’s website.

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