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Step Away

Learn to step away. Figure out where the delusion is.

We’re often convincing ourselves of something that isn’t there. You can’t see it when you’re on the inside because the buy-in is the delusion.

Unmasking the delusion means understanding the story we’re all subscribing to. How do we think about ourselves?

The story creates fictions. Once you see the fictitious parts, you can change them. I’ve never found a situation I can control until I understand the story we’re all participating in.

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Margalus #4

A long time ago Sarah and I decided we wanted a big family — a family that, when the going got rough, could support and sustain itself. We are very lucky to have three beautiful children, and are ready to bring another into our group. Meet the newest addition to our clan — due late January.

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Lockport Makers Park

Here’s a fun thing! I’m working with the city of Lockport on a feasibility study to develop a Maker’s Park. If you’re in the Chicago south suburban area, are part of a group into craft/making, and interested in talking about it, hit me up!

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Spacelab has a new home!

Here’s a video of the new space we just moved into at Lockport, IL.

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IRL2 Building Up, pt. 2

This is a continuation of my blog post from a few weeks ago about the original planning that went into the IRL 2 development. Plans change, and so after the original planning for IRL 2 went out, we set out to iterate. Major changes included wall moves, furniture changes (as a result of wall moves), electrical considerations, and more. At each step in the process, these changes were precipitated by factors outside of our control (building codes, etc), but important factors to discuss nonetheless.

For instance, Chicago has some very tight restrictions when it comes to the use of extension cables (not allowed) and power strips (also not allowed). This limitation forced us to add additional quad outlets, and to think about where those outlets were located in relation to where power would be used. Imagine having to determine, then, where students are going to linger in a space that doesn’t even exist yet. Where will they want to plug in their laptops? Phones? Etc.

Even further, imagine having to map out where every machine in a dynamic space will go and then determining electrical load based on the sum total of machines plugged into an outlet. How those machines would then facilitate traffic flow in a space. Would they be noisy? Dirty? Would students want some to be adjacent to others for ease of between-use?

That’s something I did!

Additionally, we had to worry about things like emergency exits, noise (there are classrooms adjacent to the space, lighting (the area is quite dark, so we built in some lighter furniture/flooring options to adjust), breakout space flexibility, and more.

I think the reason why I enjoy these projects so much is that they are an extreme challenge in systems thinking. Holistically anticipating how an environment and the objects within it will interact with each other is a test on one’s forethought. The constraints, whether they be building code, electrical, community, or otherwise all interact and contribute to some end product. In part, you can’t anticipate what that will be.

But you can try.

Updated and revised plans for the IIRL:

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TSW 16 – Christina Pei

I really enjoyed this interview with Christina and hope you do, too!

Christina is the creator behind Chicago North Side Mini Maker Faire and researches making by working with teachers to design curricula, and with students to design equitable spaces for making. We talk about the philosophy behind making, and what drives Christina to do all of the awesome things that she’s responsible for. Check it out!

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I understand now that each human has a ruling passion, one that serves as the fountainhead from which flow all semblances of happiness, sadness, anger, and joy.

Ventus, Karl Schroeder

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An Xiao Mina and Jan Chipchase for the MIT Technology Review:

“For now, what makes Shenzhen unique as a manufacturing hub is its ability to accommodate everything from the serious to the silly, from the experimental to the sustainable, from devices that alleviate poverty to gadgets that grab headlines.”

As part of developing the Industrial Design program at DePaul, I’ve been collaborating on a study abroad trip to Shenzhen. This, and many other reasons laid out in the article, are exactly why.

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I had the pleasure of working with Neal back in the day when we were helping run the Chicago chapter of the International Game Developers Association. Recently, Neal took on the undertaking of running for Chicago mayor, and has been speaking on this really excellent podcast about his campaign. If you want to get an inside look in a campaign, check it out!

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FIRST Robotics at the IRL

Some video of the FIRST FTC Meet at the Idea Realization Lab that was organized by Jackie Moore of the Chicago Knights last weekend. Loved having this at our space, and look forward to helping host many many more!

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