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Session 10 – Otherworldly Sounds, Amateur Radio, and the Ur of Maker Culture with Brian Davis

I talk with Brian Davis (W9HLQ of HAMFesters Radio Club), amateur radio operator and educator of future HAMs. Brian has been an operator for over half a century, and has seen the shift to computerization, and now, has started working with makerspaces to pass on his knowledge of amateur radio to others. In this session, we talk about the HAM community, how it relates to maker and tinkerer culture, one of Brian’s newest inventions, and some of the weird sounds and other things you hear when you’re on air.

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Session 9 – We Have a YouTube Channel! Andrew Morin and Jay Margalus Talk TSW* Videocast

Andrew Morin and Jay Margalus, new co-hosts of the TSW* YouTube Channel, talk about what they would’ve done differently in TSW* Videocast Ep. 1 (hint: a lot) and some of the projects that they unveiled during the show episode. Check out the first TSW* Videocast at


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Session 8 – Pottery, The Unintended Result, And Art Of I Don’t Know With Hayne Bayless

This week I travel out to Connecticut to talk with Hayne Bayless, potter, board member of Studio Potter literary journal, and board member of Pots on Wheels (POW!) about his work, his methodology, and the art of “I don’t know.”

Hayne’s work has been awarded the top prizes at some of the country’s most important craft shows: the Smithsonian Craft Show in Washington, D.C. and the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.

Other than lessons from a potter in Tokyo and a handful of classes and workshops, he has managed to avoid any formal instruction in ceramics. He abandoned wheel-throwing early on, preferring the freedom of handbuilding afforded by slabwork and extrusions.

Check it out!

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Session 7 – FIRST Robotics in Education and Community Representation with Jackie Moore

Blurb for the episode below. Jackie moved her FIRST Robotics team, the Chicago Knights, to the Idea Realization Lab at DePaul last year and since then, I’ve been able to witness some of the amazing things she does every day. I had a really great time with this interview and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the conversation.

In this podcast session I talk with Jackie Moore, Chicago Knights FIRST Robotics team founder and coach, makerspace organizer, Chicago Southside Mini Maker Faire organizer, educator, and many, many other things. Jackie and I sit down to talk about the philosophy behind making — and making with other people — and what that means about how we can learn from each other. That, and much more, on session 7 of This Should Work.

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This Should Work Session 6 – Aligning Maker Principles and Educational Learning Standards with Sarah Margalus

This was an interesting episode because it was an interview with… my wife, Sarah Margalus! Sarah is an educator, reading specialist, and maker who has been studying the alignment of maker principles to learning standards in the classroom.

A lot of sham “maker” and “STEM” companies out there try to sell a pre-packaged curriculum and/or makerspace, but that’s just not the way it works. Sarah explains why, and the right way to go about integrating making into the classroom, in this episode.

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