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TSW* Session 17 with Rob Rehr

Really fun interview with Rob!

Rob Rehr is an engineer at IDEO by day, and a hardware hacker and game developer by night. In this session, we talk about the work Rob’s doing in DIY retro game development, the add-on board he developed that uses the Nintendo nunchuck, and much more. Check it out!

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Top 25 Hot Podcast Episodes of 2018

I’ve been working my way through these podcasts, and figured other folks might enjoy as well. Really good so far!

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Session 15 – Helen Leigh, DIY Instruments and Designing Maker Education

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TSW* Ep. 14 – Andrew Sowa, PCB Art, Overcoming Challenges, and Community


Andrew Sowa talks about the persistence behind making, his work in KiCad and PCB art, and how he views the influence of community and culture on his work.

Check it out over here.

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Easily one of the best podcast episodes I’ve listened to on creativity and curiosity.

Francesca Gino, a professor at Harvard Business School, shares a compelling business case for curiosity. Her research shows allowing employees to exercise their curiosity can lead to fewer conflicts and better outcomes. However, even managers who value inquisitive thinking often discourage curiosity in the workplace because they fear it’s inefficient and unproductive. Gino offers several ways that leaders can instead model, cultivate, and even recruit for curiosity.

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TSW* Session 13 – Which 3D Printer Should You Buy?

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Session 11 – Nate Matteson of Obstructures and DePaul University

Nate and I have been working on an Industrial Design degree at DePaul with our colleague Eric Landahl, and have worked on a few other projects together as well. So I’m pretty familiar with some of the nuance that goes into his decision making process. But I’ve always been fascinated by his varied background in music, industrial design, art, and many many other things, and how it informs that process. This was a really fun conversation that dug into some of that, and I hope you enjoy it.

I talk with Nate Matteson of DePaul University’s School of Design and the industrial design company Obstructures. Nate’s company Obstructures makes aluminum guitars, wallets, pedals, and many many other useful tools. In addition to that, and most importantly, Nate is an excellent design educator and brings his practice into academia to help elevate his students’ potential in design. In this session, we talk about Nate’s personal projects related to sound and light, his work with Obstructures, and how that way of thinking translates into education.

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Session 10 – Otherworldly Sounds, Amateur Radio, and the Ur of Maker Culture with Brian Davis

I talk with Brian Davis (W9HLQ of HAMFesters Radio Club), amateur radio operator and educator of future HAMs. Brian has been an operator for over half a century, and has seen the shift to computerization, and now, has started working with makerspaces to pass on his knowledge of amateur radio to others. In this session, we talk about the HAM community, how it relates to maker and tinkerer culture, one of Brian’s newest inventions, and some of the weird sounds and other things you hear when you’re on air.

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