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Particle Makerspace Program

Particle has a cool makerspace empowerment program that supplies kits to makerspaces, free of charge, to tinker with their platform. I really like some of the things this company does (including this cool Particle for Good program). From their website:

The Particle Makerspace Empowerment Program supplies local Makerspaces with hardware, special discounts, and dedicated support, all free of charge.

If accepted, your Makerspace will receive a package of free Particle hardware in the mail including:

  • Two Particle Photon Maker Kits

  • Four Particle Photon Kits

  • A unique Particle discount promo code

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Another great month! Here are the Idea Realization Lab November updates.

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Great post over on Hackaday about 3D printer safety.

I’ve been warning folks about this problem with 3D printers forever. Anything that burns things creates some kind of a gas that you should avoid inhaling. Especially when you start talking plastics.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that aerosolized plastic is harmful to breathe, but the sheer magnitude of particles detected in this study is worth taking note of. If you don’t already, it might be good to run your 3D printer in the garage or at least in a room that isn’t used as living space.

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Free Professional Development STEAM Workshops for Educators

More info here.

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Idea Realization Lab October Updates

Continued growth, continued transparency! Here are the updates for DePaul’s Idea Realization Lab for the month of October.

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STEAM Camp #2

Due to popular demand of our STEAM Camp announcement at Spacelab, and because we’ve received several requests for a camp that runs after the holidays, Spacelab is now offering a second STEAM camp that runs from 1/12-2/16. You can sign up for that one here.

And! There are still some spots left for the camp that runs from 11/10-12/15. That one can be signed up at this link.

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Spacelab STEAM Camp in Mokena Messenger!

SpaceLab’s STEAM Camp was recently featured in a really nice piece for our local paper, the Mokena Messenger! Go pick up a paper and check it out, and while you’re at it, check out our camp, too.

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Spacelab Winter STEAM Camp

We’ve been working on getting this out for the last couple months, but couldn’t bring ourselves to release it until it was *just right*. Well, I’m happy to announce that finally, I think, we’ve got the makings of an excellent STEAM program at Spacelab. Check it out.

Make something cool, tinker and learn, and take it home.

While at STEAM camp, students ages 6-10 make customized tech-projects. They learn about design, engineering, science, and applied mathematics. The registration fee includes project materials, and students take home their completed projects at the end of the session. Our teachers are professional educators with over 10 years experience and expertise in mathematics, technology, and design.

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Idea Realization Lab September Updates

For purposes of transparency, and in case it might be useful for other makerspace organizers, I’ll continue to share the numbers, stories, and photos from the Idea Realization Lab every month. Here’s our September report.

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ASTC Conference Talk – Building Makerspaces

I gave a talk at the Association of Science and Technology Centers on Making Makerspaces and developing a positive culture of making in the process. Here they are!

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