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Dale Dougherty Speaking at DePaul University

I’m very happy to announce that Dale Dougherty will be visiting DePaul University on March 7th to talk about the Maker Movement, sign books, and the upcoming Chicago Maker Faire. Sign up for his talk today! All are welcome.

Jay Margalus is on Twitter at @jaymargalus

The Elizabeth 3 Font

Last year, I decided to document our kids’ handwriting progress by creating a font based off of the letters they draw every year. Now that we’re about to record Elizabeth’s 4-year-old handwriting, and Maurua’s 2-year-old handwriting, I figured it’d be fun to release last year’s “Elizabeth 3” font. It’s TTF, and built using a tool you can find over at myscriptfonts.


Something fun to do with your kids, if you’re so inclined!

Jay Margalus is on Twitter at @jaymargalus